Situated in the north of the agglomeration Caen-la-Mer at Blainville sur Orne, the Theatre du Champ Exquis is a family theatre space dedicated to providing theatre experiences for young people, from babies to adolescents. It is a theatre company with its own productions, a young people’s theatre venue, with a year round programme and a festival each year in March, and a theatre school. The TCE welcomes over 6000 spectators a year.
The Theatre du Champ Exquis in a few dates:
  • 1986 : creation of the Theatre du Champ Exquis. First rehearsals and production in the space run by the Cultural Centre Paul Elouard. 
  • 1996 : Funded by its major financial partners  (Ministry of Culture ; Regional Council of Basse Normandie ; Department of Calvados ;  City of Blainville sur Orne) the TCE is officially based in Blainville/ Orne and a true theatre space is created.
  • 1998 : First edition of the festival RIBAMBELLE, youth theatre festival for 0-12 year olds.
  • 2006 : recognised as public utility by the Agglomeration Caen-la-Mer.
The Theatre du Champ Exquis is also :
  • A season of high quality programming, in several artistic disciplines theatre, music, visual-arts, dance….
  • The RIBAMBELLE festival for 0-12 year olds. An annual festival for all the family, beginning in the February holidays through March. From the smallest littlies, we invite young theatre goers to experience their first theatrical emotions, stimulate their imagination, broaden their horizons and awaken their curiosity!
  • The spectators’ school: we offer workshops year round in theatre, visual-arts, music, dance, film…for youngsters, adolescents and even adults, by practising professionals in connection with the programming of the season.
  • The creation of our own theatrical productions, addressed to a broad public, often mixing several artistic disciplines and aimed particularly at young audiences.
 A family theatre space, the TCE welcomes more than 6000 spectators a year.   [cinemator title="Champ Exquis Theatre" thumbnails="false"] [ctrimg image="" caption="Un été Exquis (2018)"] [ctrimg image="" caption="Performance hall (2016)"] [ctrimg image="" caption=""] [ctrimg image="" caption=""] [ctrimg image="" caption=""] [ctrimg image="" caption=""] [ctrimg image="" caption="Soirée lycée (2016)"] [ctrimg image="" caption="Soirée lycée (2016)"] [ctrimg image="" caption="Soirée lycée (2016)"] [ctrimg image="" caption="Un été Exquis (2017)"] [/cinemator]